Pure kid of Paris and  creator of an extremely masculine fashion though also contradictorily feminine, going against the current trends, Franck Boclet claims for more sensuality, focusing on details and volume, precision and perfect cuts.

Fascinated by contemporary art, design and music, Franck Boclet draws his inspiration from all that surrounds him: rock icons from the 80’s, a detail from a movie or a comic, a reminiscence of a painting discovered in a museum, a landscape or even the feeling of a fabric…

Man of concrete action, with a fiery temper, a rebellious and impulsive side, he is a real chameleon.

With a textile engineer background, In 1985, Franck Boclet took up the position of Product Manager for Kenzo Men, then Head of the Creative and Production department at Arrow. In 1989 he was appointed Head of the Men’s department at Courrèges, and after a few years and a solid experience, he decided to join the Francesco Smalto house as Head of the Creative department in 1991, succeeding to Mr Smalto himself in 1998 as Artistic Director. Then from 2007 to 2010 he took up the position of Artistic Director of the Men’s department at Emanuel Ungaro.

IN 2011, Franck Boclet left the house and decided to launch his own brand for men.

Through the mix of his passions, his style reflects timeless references to the Rock & Riot trend as well as the Traditional world of Luxury.

As a black and white specialist, he adds : « my collection will not be limited to one style but rather be defined as a color to help the Franck Boclet’ style adopter, keep being a chameleon according to his desires : one day white one day black, one day creative one day urban, one day festive one day traditional… Men will no longer be reduced to one style, because the real style is to escape from all styles.

Today, Franck works custom tailoring and continues to work as Artistic Director for other well know brands that is a demonstration of his agility, creativity and hard work.