Fragrance Collection

Our accords are made with a high quality raw material in order to obtain a very long lasting performance and a unique sillage. Each fragrance proposes an exceptional signature and remanence.


A sensual and woody accord

The top notes are hesperid with grafruit and litsa cubeb . In the heart, spicy and leather give a suave effect. Finally, the woody and ambered notes come to sublimate the fragrance with elegance and softness.

Very sensual and addictive fragrance.


An oriental aromatic accord

The top notes are very spicy with a touch of hesperid. In the heart notes, the aromatic lavender blends with woody notes like wormwood. Finally, the oriental notes of patchouli tonka and amber come to sublimate the fragrance with elegance and strengh.

 Very addictive fragrance.

Ylang Ylang

A solar and sensual accord

After a sparkling start with Hesperid notes in the top, a bouqet of flowers with ylang ylang, jasmine and iris hatch and finish on sensuality and sweetness spirit with amber and caramel.

Very sexy and feminine fragrance.


A floral and hesperid accord

The hesperid notes starts  giving a very fresh sensation with the aromatic lavender. In the heart notes, the floral geranium blow up with orange flower and heliotrope.  Finally, the oriental notes of sandalwood musc and vanilla sublimate the fragrance that makes everything shine and give body.

Freshness, soothing and relaxing power like a spring day in a barber shop !


A fruity spicy and oriental accord

The oriental touch, warm and rich Vanilla absolute is supported by a combination of cedar and musks blond. The heart and head want sparkling thanks to the presence of zesty notes with lime, grapefruit, and cold and spicy notes with cardamom and ginger.

A sweety freshness fragrance.


A woody oriental accord

The fragrance opens notes of ginger and tobacco leaves, softened by plum notes. The heart reveals spicy notes of clove and tonka bean associated to cedarwood which deploys a powerful smoky scent. The base of this fragrance presents itself both as warm and woody thanks to the vetiver, and ambery due to the benzoin, the whole wrapped in vanilla and musky notes. A contrasted fragrance by its freshness and intensity that leaves no one indifferent.

A voluptuous and contrasting fragrance with freshness and intensity.


A chypre floral accord

The fragrance opens on notes combining softness, freshness and sensuality by the use of bergamot, cardamom and orange blossom. The rose, jasmine and tuberose reveal an opulent and sensual heart. Base notes are composed of patchouli, ambergris and musc, thus warming up and enveloping the fragrance of a delicate trail.  A suave, sensual and carnal fragrance which makes people’s heads turn.


A woody fern accord

Leading the citrusy notes of green mandarin and lemon brings the “sparkle” to the aromatic freshness of lavender and absinthe. In heart, heliotrope and rhubarb brings powdery and bitterness to the fragrance. Finally, the base is more woody, with slightly amber and leather notes keeps the original freshness of absinthe.

A very fresh aromatic fragrance.


A sweet spicy woody accord

In the top, lemon zest and ginger light notes of fig leaves. In heart, almond and white peach just soften the fragrance notes of cedar. Finally, the addictive tonka explodes, combined with creamy and greedy notes of sandalwood and balsam of Peru.

A gourmand fragrance.


A spicy woody accord

Incense is dressed in head by spicy notes such as cardamom, cinnamon, pepper and pepper berries. The heart is accompanied by benjoin. Finally, at the bottom, the guaiac wood, sandalwood and ebony come surround to give roundness and warmth.

A freshness fragrance.


A spicy woody accord

Top notes are spicy cloves, ginger and cumin berries that give character to the fragrance. Then the Oud wood, supported by cedar and patchouli comes on stage and the composition takes its full dimension.

A strong andcaptivating fragrance.


A fruity, spicy and aromatic accord

The top notes are peach, clove bud and thyme notes. The heart is marked by a delicate iris which is associated to rose and orange flower notes that bring all of its softness to the fragrance. . Base notes unveil heliotrope, tonka bean and patchouli notes that make it an addictive fragrance.

An original sweety and addictive fragrance.


A woody oriental accord

Woody notes of patchouli are supported by cedar and sandalwood. Amber, benjoin, tonka provide balsam and sweet facets. Finally vanilla and white musk extend the power and sensuality of the fragrance.

A strong and sensual fragrance.


An aquatic accord

The memory of a travel as an aquatic and salted wood top note. The escape is reinforced in heart note by the metallic vitality. The freedom of the cedar and leather harmony escapes endlessly.

Fir Balsam

A spicy oriental accord

A spicy fusing start with cardamom and pink pepper gives way to a warm heart largely dominated by fir Balsam note. Finally, amber notes, like vanilla and cistus come extend this sweet and addictive sensation.

A masculine and sweet fragrance.


A floral spicy oriental accord

The petals open in light, at the top, the roses and geranium buds as well as the coriander foliage reveal themselves. The absolute of our jasmine imposes over time by its elegance in the heart. In the base, the smoother and animal presence of the leather and the musk favourable to imaginary emotions

A bright elegant fragrance.


An aromatic accord

The fragrance is an aromatic accord with laurel, oregano associated to the sensuality of ylang ylang. The heart unveils an opulent jasmine and addictive patchouli. The base reveals itself more sensual by the association of balsamic, vanilla and ambered notes.

An addictive and sensual fragrance.


A floral spicy  aromatic accord

The wild violet is in harmony with the Top notes of Asian cardamom spices. The heart more freshly picked of a wild violet selection and an intimate  aromatic bouquet. The base is built on the edge of the wood,  allowing this harmony of nobility, leaving express a zest of citrus, pink  berry andnutmeg.

A singular sensual fragrance.


A woody oriental accord

In the head notes, spicy saffron and cumin mingle with lemon for a sparkling start. In heart cloves just magnify the floral notes of rose and jasmine. In the background the leather note is enhanced by amber to give it the Eastern dimension.

An elegant leather fragrance.


A woody accord

The woody note is the thread of this perfume. It is present in the head with atlas cedar, with black pepper and coconut.  It is present in heart with Virginia cedar, Indies sandalwood and cypriol. It is present in the background, with the woody amber notes which are softened with white musk, leather and tonka bean.

A very elegant fragrance.