Rock & Riot


Rock & Riot is totally in the DNA of Franck Boclet and refers to Pop & Rock Musics
on Vinyl discs from the Seventies.


Cocaïne is a fragrance with solar, floral and oriental notes. In the head, Pink berries, bitter orange,  tobacco, caramel give a generous and warm start. The heart is floral and brings a fresh touch with Orchid, Lily, tuberose, while in the base notes, Patchouli, vanilla, monoi give it an oriental harmony for an exotic journey. Like the most popular pop rock song, «If you wanna hang out, you’ve got to take her out; cocaïne»; A solar, floral and oriental touch. Totally addictive!


Very singular, subtle and sensitive, Rebel opens on a spicy note of saffron while in the heart the freshness of the delicious rose illuminates the woody and oriental notes in the base notes like vanilla, patchouli, oak moss and oud.


Like a delicious marshmallow, the notes are gourmand, acidulous, fruity and ambered. At the top, bergamot, marshmallow, blackcurrant, honey and coconut, the fruity and greedy heart is brought by pear, jasmine, peach, vanilla, and caramel. The fragrance finally closes with notes of orange blossom and raspberry combined with white musk and violet. A romantic and sensual accord such as the song for a vintage comeback “Sugar sugar, you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you..”


Like a sweet and captivating melody, Angie starts with a harmony of dried fig, fig milk and fig leaves. At the heart, the woody notes of sandalwood and Virginia cedar are softened by warm, amber and oriental notes such as amber, musk and vanilla. A sweet and enveloping fragrance.


A musical orchestral harmony combining a cocktail of hesperid, aromatic, woody, floral and oriental notes. At the top, bergamot, mugwort and coconut bring a sweet and sparkling start. In the heart,Floral and woody notes give all their character with geranium, ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac and cedar. The gourmand and oriental notes of vanilla and tonka bean finally bring to Heroes sweetness and sensuality.


In the head, absinthe and clove quickly blend in heart with the woody and ashy notes of guaiac, patchouli, Virginia cedar and Atlas. The ambered and oriental base notes with amber, musk and incense give it a sensual and mysterious touch.